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Future Trends in Adult Education®

Updated: May 13, 2023

The OECD has identified the following as the most important developments in education moving forward:

  1. Online education's rising popularity

  2. Improving Employee-Employer Communication

It meant that more people would be able to afford higher education, and that students would have greater say over their professional futures.

Katie Grey argues that advances in AI will make education more engaging, more accessible, and more in demand in the future.

  1. Amazing, Modern Technology

  2. Adult education is becoming more important.

  3. The dedication to learning is becoming permanent (in a positive manner).

  4. The possibilities and ease of education are only expanding.

Tom Vander and the OECD draw the following conclusion about the future of education and work:

  1. Online, mobile, and hybrid models are inevitable.

  2. Greater scope.

  3. UI/UX

  4. Stronger Reactions.

  5. Helps for students.

  6. Cooperation between companies.

  7. Combine and reinforce.

  8. For successful solutions to scale, collaboration is essential.

To what extend do you agree with this?


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